Ipswich Banner Sketches

Banner Proposal

What is visitor’s first experience of the Ipswich downtown? Whether motorists drive through quickly, or pedestrians walk home from the train, what calls to them to seek out a new shop or turn off into a local farmstand? These are the questions that run through my mind as I conceive what types of images would most invigorate the experience of downtown Ipswich.


About me: As a native of Ipswich, IHS alum and true farm girl, I have always drawn and painted the local scenes and produce of the town. Since moving to Beverly, I have sent many friends and colleagues to my home town encouraging them to buy local, and to experience Ipswich. As a high school student at IHS I had my roots in supporting the creative economy of our town, both through commissioned work such as a mural to illustrate the fundraising goals of the library, to volunteer at S.A.F.E. studio. For years I have dreamed of proposing banners to hang in my home town that would give people a visual slice of all that the local community has to offer.  My proposal for the banners includes preliminary mock-ups to give a general idea of styles that would be visually eye catching to motorists and pedestrians. To give a range of examples, some of the banners are more realistic, some are more stylized. I am excited to work with you to create bold designs which will communication a call to action, integrated into a compelling image that will leave the viewer excited to go experience the Ipswich scene. In working with you on this project, I have developed a quick sketch of bold, fresh images that would be visible to the motorist, pedestrian, and commuter. Ipswich Banner Sketches