Custom Painted Tree Mural

Project: Custom Painted Tree Mural
Media: Latex on wood
Size: 28′ x 5′
Client: Private Business Owner
Style: Realistic Illustration, Contemporary, Expressionistic, Representational

Looking for a way to express yourself? Large scale custom painted murals can draw customers to your business, tell a story, set a mood, energize your office or make your home feel like a palace. This original Tree Pattern was created for a long hallway in a creative business space. The light colors brightened up the vintage floor built in 1900 and gave the business a memorable statement piece.

I have created many commercial illustrations, paintings and murals, from branding murals for office spaces, forty foot murals for window storefronts to increase property value and draw visitors. Interested in our large scale Custom Painted Murals? Click here to read about our latest projects.

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Editorial Illustration Obama

Project: Editorial Illustration Obama Character Design
Client: Margot Rogers Design Product
Art Director: Margot Rogers

Obama illustration for 2012 Campaign.  This editorial Illustration  is a line drawing with a black and white wash that captures the essence of President Obama in a single panel. The hand drawn style of this realistic informational graphic can be created for any type of project be it a spot illustration, an editorial piece, background design, wall mural, pattern or purchase a print  for your home or office.

Custom illustrations draw customers, tell a story, set a mood, and energize print and digital publications. Contact us for a free quote.

All artwork shown is available for licensing.