Custom Painted Mural Indian Pattern

Custom Painted Mural Indian Design

Custom Painted Murals
Project: Indian Pattern Floor Mural
Size: 180 inches x 380 inches
Client: Private Client

Looking for a way to express yourself? Large scale custom painted murals can draw customers to your business, tell a story, set a mood, energize your office or make your home feel like a palace. This original Indian Pattern was inspired by the Henna patterns used for marriage rituals in India. The floor was commissioned by a client to paint the bedroom for a newly married couple.

I have created many commercial murals, from branding murals for office spaces, forty foot murals for window storefronts to increase property value and draw visitors. This project was very different, but I enjoyed working with a large pattern that had emotional significance for my clients. As we all know, our environment has a huge impact on our mood, so the choice of earthy red and cream with the daring henna curves was bold but calming at the same time, perfect for a bedroom.

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Editorial Illustration Obama

Project: Editorial Illustration Obama Character Design
Client: Margot Rogers Design Product
Art Director: Margot Rogers

Obama illustration for 2012 Campaign.  This editorial Illustration  is a line drawing with a black and white wash that captures the essence of President Obama in a single panel. The hand drawn style of this realistic informational graphic can be created for any type of project be it a spot illustration, an editorial piece, background design, wall mural, pattern or purchase a print  for your home or office.

Custom illustrations draw customers, tell a story, set a mood, and energize print and digital publications. Contact us for a free quote.

All artwork shown is available for licensing.