Project: Event Poster Design Client: Art Director: Andrew Beckwith This event poster design is a line drawing with a color wash that captures the essence of the “Roe v Wade Anniversary” event in a single panel. The hand drawn style of this representational informational graphic can be created for any type of project, be it a logo, spot illustration, an editorial piece, background design, pattern or you can purchase a print for your home or office. I enjoy developing event poster designs that communicate a clear message for events, digital publications, campaigns and branding identity. Creating Event Poster Designs for political campaigns is a creative challenge because of the delicacy of the subject matter, and the importance of sending a clear message with bold imagery. My client, is a fantastic organization campaigning for traditional values and working to protect rights of Americans that are being rapidly diminished unbeknownst to the general voting public. My task was to design a event poster design for the “Roe v Wade Anniversary” event. The image was needed to help spread awareness of the 40th anniversary of the legalization of abortion. This custom Event Poster Design clearly shows an image of the fetus as victim on a red background, implying that the event will discuss the human rights violations of the murder of more than 56 million American babies aborted since 1973. For this Event Poster Design I established a clear and colorfully engaging aesthetic. I used an organic representational style with red and black to emphasize the serious nature of the campaign. This event poster design is clear, memorable and gives the organization the flexibility to use it in a wide range of applications. It will be printed as a poster, sticker, a shirt emblem as well as digital graphic promotion. For more work created for, see designs for Privacy for All, March for Marriage  and  Roe v Wade Anniversary. For the full back story on this design and to walk through the entire creative process visit Event poster design for Custom designs draw customers, tell a story, and energize print and digital publications. Contact us for a free quote.

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