Assets for Artists is featuring Wallpusher (aka artist team Matthew Rogers and me) on their blog now. We are so grateful and honored to be chosen as grant recipients for the 2014 cycle.

My husband Matt Rogers and I attended the first training in Boston this fall. Esther Robinson (founder of ArtHome) led the training as our financial guru. Both Esther and Blair Benjamin from Mass MOCA gave financial advice that we started applying to our art business immediately.

Assets for Artists was founded in 2008 to provide financial and business training for artists specifically aimed at

As a creative, I am excited to be a part of this new initiative that helps train artists to plan and budget so that they can create more ambitious projects and grow their creative ventures.growing their creative enterprises and achieving greater financial security. By meeting a savings goal of $2,000 and completing the training, participants can receive a matched grant of $2,000 in working capital funds to put their new business skills into action. Assets for Artists is run by the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, the Midas Collaborative, ArtHome, and other regional partners. 

The Assets for Artists blog details the financial and business training. In the next few weeks I will be sharing some personal applications of financial tips that are helping me in growing my art business on this blog, so stay tuned.