You are invited to the closing reception of of the Behold The Lamb art show featuring work by Margot and Matthew Rogers 2:00 – 3:30, January 10. Artwork was commissioned for Advent, Christmas and Easter by FPC Northshore, and on view at The Hamilton Congo Gallery for Advent and Christmas.

For location details visit this link.

This show is composed of multi-media collage, watercolor and graphite drawings illustrating the history of the incarnation. We were commissioned to create original artwork that would help draw hearts to reflect on the old and new testament facts of the incarnation, and to re-conceive them in a contemporary visual style that would help the viewer to empathize with the characters depicted.

This series was originally shown at Advent and Christmas services at FPC Northshore, the Gallery at the Congo, and will be available for future exhibits in churches and galleries.

lamb4 lamb2 gallery behold the lamb behold the lamb


Annunciation EPT do not be afraid Garden of Eden Not witheld Palm Plagues Temptation of Christ Walking in darkness Wings You are my sheep Young Jesus Zecariah