As an art lover, collector, and artist, it is so exciting to bring together local culture to celebrate our creativity in our newly launched First Thursday Art Walk in Beverly, MA.

Each participant’s location is hand drawn, my illustrations a mixture of from-life accuracy and romantic wistfulness that reveals each location as a place full of potential. Matthew Rogers (my husband) and I designed the map with an eye for clarity and also an artist’s vision for the city. We wanted our map to be helpful and beautiful, a work of art that gives visitors eyes to see the hidden gems in the fabric of our cultural city.

The Art Walk has been featured in several press releases, such as the Beverly Patch,

Wicked Local,  Montserrat College of Art, Porter Mill Studios, Sea Change Theatre, and Face StuffArt Walk Map

Here is a re-print of the original press release:

Local Artists Create First Thursday Art Walk

Beverly, MA – A number of artistic and cultural assets call downtown Beverly home:
Montserrat College of Art, LPF Studio, Cabot Cinema, Clay Dreaming, Porter Mill,
Wallpusher Guitars, Blue Box, Mingo Gallery and Frame Shop, the Atomic Cafe, Sea
Change Theater and 17 Cox are a handful, not to mention the hundreds of professional
and student artists working in the city, maintaining both public and private studios. To
the artistic population (artists, gallery directors, collectors, art students, etc) most of
these entities are well known and utilized. To many others, these establishments and
individuals are unknown, and attempts to publicize them and bring attention to the
wealth of culture in Beverly are largely unorganized. While organizations and individuals
are in conversation with each other and collaborate often, these efforts are also widely
unrecognized and under utilized.

In response to this disconnect, local art activists Bea Modisett, Matthew Rogers, Margot
Rogers and Lucas Spivey, in collaboration with the entities listed above and a handful
of others, have banded together and organized First Thursday Beverly Art Walks to
take place each month. On Thursday, November 1st the first of what will be a monthly
occurrence will take place. A map detailing all participating groups will be distributed
in the weeks leading up the event and will be available to individuals to walk the route
that spans from Montserrat College of Art down to 17 Cox with more than ten stops in
between. Each location is offering extended hours, refreshments, special exhibitions,
or other incentives for citizens to attend and to return each subsequent First Thursday.
Look for the First Thursday sticker in the windows of local businesses that denote their

The map can be found online at and at participating locations
(full list below), and printed in the November issue of the North Shore Art Throb.

The event will be held Thursday November 1st from 6:00pm – 9:00pm with a BYOB
reception in the Gallery at Porter Mill starting at 8:00pm and ending at 10:00pm. Please
join us in celebrating the many cultural institutions, large and small, located in Beverly.
For more information contact Bea Modisett at

Participating Locations: 301 Gallery, Montserrat Gallery, LPF Studio, Cabot Cinema,
Clay Dreaming, Porter Mill, Wallpusher Guitars, Blue Box, Mingo Gallery and Frame
Shop, the Atomic Cafe, Sea Change Theater, 17 Cox
Murals and Public Art Locations: Revitalization Mural Installation (Bell Market), Bea’s
Mural, Organic Garden, Cabot Cinema, Larcom Theater, Borah’s Mural.