Project: Four Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss Cookbook Illustrations                            

Media: Ink on paper  Size: 6″ x 6″   

Client: Tim Ferriss, Melcher Media  

Style: Realistic Illustration, Contemporary, Expressionistic, Representational

Four Hour Chef Illustration

Four Hour Chef Illustration

 I was commissioned to create illustrations for two full pages of herbs and plants for the Four Hour Chef. Tim Ferriss (author of the Four Hour Work Week, Four Hour Body), is a polarizing character: people either love him or hate him. I have loved his work since the first book came out, and was thrilled when he commissioned me to illustrate his long-awaited cookbook, the Four Hour Chef. Similar to Cook’s Illustrated or the New York Times, these realistic drawings illustrate essential elements of the cooking techniques and ingredients that Tim Ferriss wanted to show his readers. I enjoyed the challenge of creating images that would clearly illustrate concepts.

Little did I know that this publication would be even more controversial than anything he’s done before; The Four Hour Chef is the most banned book since the 1929 book, Lady Chatterly’s Lover. If you missed the big news, The 4-Hour Chef is being boycotted by Barnes & Noble and 700+ bookstores across the United States. Why? because the book is first for Amazon Publishing.

I’m so excited to be a little part of history! Margot Rogers Illustrations are  showcased in several sections, including several cooking demonstrations (edited by Tim Ferriss himself!) and a large 3 page spread of my herb illustrations. Now I feel inspired to create a cookbook of my own! I hope you’ll buy Tim’s book on Amazon, and read his Press Release.

I have created many commercial paintings and murals, from branding murals for office spaces, forty foot murals for window storefronts to increase property value and draw visitors. This project was very different, but I enjoyed working with a famous writer like Tim Ferriss who actually used to be an illustrator himself.

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