Project: Revitalization Mural Painting                                    
Media: Latex and Pastel on acid free paper under glass   
Size: 40’ x 6’    
 Client: Beverly Main Streets and Bell Market                                                    

The Revitalization Mural is a work by Matthew and Margot Rogers conceived to energize the economy of downtown Beverly, Massachusetts, the home of their fine art and guitar studio, Wallpusher Guitars. The mural painting project is currently being showcased through a partnership with Beverly Main Streets. Commissioned to be the signature piece of a major city landmark that has recently gone up for sale, the mural was co-sponsored by Beverly Main Streets and Margot Rogers and Matthew Rogers of Wallpusher Guitars to coincide with the annual celebration of National Arts and Humanities Month.

Revitalization Mural Figures Closeup

 The mural has been featured in the press including  Wicked Local and Patch. As a large scale mural, the image literally transformed the dirty, neglected and overpriced storefront on the main street into a vibrant, buzzing place where people want to be. I wanted the mural to show that places are important, but it is really people that electrify them. It is human interaction that strengthens the foundation of our cities. Put people first, get them working together and economic growth will follow.

Artist Margot Rogers describes the mural painting as a collaborative work that celebrates the growing creative economy in their Beverly home. Standing at 40 feet long by 5 feet high, adorning a 14.000 square foot retail space, the Revitalization Mural, has many distinct features and includes a twist on the typical portrayal of community in their natural habitat. The image includes 17 life size figures cast in a bluish hue shopping in a vibrant storefront scene. “Formal architectural drawings are traditionally drawn in blue” Margot says, “We wanted the mural to show that places are important, but it is really people that electrify them. It is human interaction that strengthens the foundation of our cities. Put people first, get them working together and economic growth will follow.” The five large windows of Beverly Market are the perfect framework for this large scale depiction of kids playing with the gumball machines and shoppers running errands, stopping for coffee, and enjoying conversation.

signatureBoth Margot and Matthew share a passion for public art as a vehicle for economic growth.  The idea of revitalizing communities and local economy through art is becoming more important in our time. “We have been working with the community, and partners on the North Shore to use art as a revitalizing force for our economy.” says Margot, “It is our mission and purpose to revitalize properties that the community considers a part of their everyday experience, and to create public art that invigorates the creative economy.” The couple has used their expertise to collaborated with students and faculty from Montserrat College of Art, Gordon College and MassArt to mentor art students through their internship program.

Matthew and Margot Rogers are professional artists with a wide range of experience. Both classically trained artists, they have completed formal coursework and traditional apprenticeships, at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, North Bennett Street School, and Gordon College. The team’s past works include a range of different media, from giant aluminum topiary sculptures installed in San Diego, to a line of custom electric guitars made out of reclaimed wood. Margot’s paintings are currently on display at the Harvard Adams ArtSpace, Cambridge, while Matthew’s guitars are being showcased at Minglewood and the Cape Ann Brewery, Gloucester. Their work has been showcased on Comcast TV, Thrillist Boston, North Shore Life Magazine, Art Throb, and Radio 104.9. Current works can be seen online, at and

About the sponsors: Beverly Main Street is a non-profit, volunteer-led organization focused on promoting and enhancing Beverly’s downtown economic vitality, cultural and historic resources and quality of life. Wallpusher is a Fine Arts company specializing in the design and manufacture of products such as electric guitars. Wallpusher was formed as an execution outlet for artists and authors whose mission is to maintain traditional methods of art making with a contemporary expression. The property hosting the mural, Bell Market, is for sale by the owner, if you are interested in purchasing this commercial property, please contact Ken Patel.

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